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Zpráva6. července 2022Generální ředitelství pro výzkum a inovace

Synergies guidance is out

On 5th July 2022, the Commission published a practical and user-friendly guidance on new opportunities to maximise the synergies between Horizon Europe and the European Regional Development Fund programmes.

The document covers legal and implementation details of all new opportunities for achieving operational synergies, including for the Seal of Excellence, transfer, cumulative funding, co-funded and Institutionalised Partnerships, Teaming, and upstream/downstream synergies including missions.

Public bodies intending to support Seal of Excellence holders can find suggestions and examples for their actions.

5. ČERVENCE 2022
Synergies between Horizon Europe and ERDF programmes (Draft Commission Notice)
(1.99 MB - PDF)


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6. července 2022
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Generální ředitelství pro výzkum a inovace