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Research and innovation
Nyhetsartikel5 september 2023Generaldirektoratet för forskning och innovation

Support to EU-Republic of Azerbaijan Research and Innovation Cooperation

In cooperation with the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) as a coordinator of National Contact Points (NCPs) for Horizon Europe in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the European Commission invites researchers and innovators from the public and private sectors in Azerbaijan to participate in one week Proposal Writing Camp and individual Expert Consultations.

In order to support preparations for Horizon Europe proposals from Azerbaijan, Expert Consultations for individual researchers and innovators are offered in combination with the Proposal Writing Camp.

In addition, one-day National Contact Points (NCP) training will be offered for all National Contact Points in Azerbaijan.

All training formats will take place physically in Baku/ Azerbaijan between 25 and 29 September 2023.


Interested researchers and innovators as well as National Contact Points from Azerbaijan are invited to fill-in a registration form and register.



5 september 2023
Generaldirektoratet för forskning och innovation