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Research and innovation
Nieuwsartikel5 augustus 2021Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie

Share your views on a stronger European innovation ecosystem and innovation cohesion in Europe

You are invited to participate in an online survey to share your views on a stronger European innovation ecosystem and the ways to boost innovation cohesion in Europe. Deadline for submissions is 15 September 2021 at 17:00 CET.

This survey is part of a broad consultation by the European Commission aimed at gathering the views from stakeholders. These include ministries, regional and local authorities, venture capital companies and business angels, universities and research organisations, businesses, SMEs, and start-ups, NGOs civil society organisations and individuals in shaping a robust European innovation ecosystem.

More information

Stakeholders’ survey on Europe’s innovation ecosystem

Building a European Innovation Ecosystem and increasing innovation cohesion


Datum publicatie
5 augustus 2021
Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie