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Artikkel24. september 2020Teadusuuringute ja innovatsiooni peadirektoraat

Science and Climate diplomacy in the Mediterranean region: Green recovery towards prosperity

On 22 September 2020 we discussed science and climate through the lens of diplomacy, looking at the Mediterranean region with Turkey and Israel, 2 associated countries to Horizon 2020, working closely with the EU in research and innovation.

Scientists, innovators and policy makers participated to the session “Science and Climate diplomacy in the Mediterranean region: Green recovery towards prosperity”, as part of the European Research and Innovation days 2020.

Among the main messages of the session where:

  • Science and Climate diplomacy as important tools for the EU geopolitical ambitions
  • Supporting prosperity and stability through science cooperation
  • Science cooperation as instrument to develop a regional dialogue among associated countries to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal coupling health and climate emergencies

Dr. Hagit Schwimmer, Director of Life Science at the Israel-Europe Directorate (ISERD) of the Israel Innovation Authority, opened up to regional cooperation as a strategic “must do” making Israeli innovation available in region to tackle challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. Prof. Hasan Mandal, President of TUBITAK which is the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, put emphasis on strengthening efforts for co-creation through collaboration allowing societies to make the transition to sustainable development.

The session was followed by a side event organised in Israel “A Start-up Pavilion for green technologies”, which gave Israeli, Turkish and Moroccan companies the opportunity to interact and learn more about funding opportunities and matchmaking under EU programmes. It was an opportunity for companies to interact and discuss cooperation opportunities.

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24. september 2020
Teadusuuringute ja innovatsiooni peadirektoraat