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Notícia29 maio 2020Direção-Geral da Investigação e da Inovação

The role of Research and Innovation in Europe’s recovery

On 27 May, the Commission put forward its proposal for an ambitious recovery plan in response to the coronavirus pandemic. To respond to the massive investment needs and to ensure the recovery is even, inclusive and fair for all Member States, a new recovery instrument called ‘Next Generation EU’ is created. Through this instrument, a €13.5 billion increase of the Horizon Europe budget is proposed. The budget increase will be used to provide European support for health and climate-related research and innovation activities.

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The role of research and innovation in Europe’s recovery (Factsheet)
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The role of research and innovation in support of Europe’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis

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29 maio 2020
Direção-Geral da Investigação e da Inovação