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Research and innovation
Știre8 decembrie 2021Direcția Generală Cercetare și Inovare

Protect, prepare and transform Europe – build forward better” ESIR virtual seminar

The High-Level Expert Group on “The Economic and Societal Impact of Research and Innovation” (ESIR) has been advising the Commission on how to develop a forward-looking and transformative R&I policy.

Established shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak, the ESIR Group has provided stimulating inputs on how to chart our way from the crisis and leverage R&I to facilitate the twin digital and green transitions, boost Europe’s competitiveness and promote crisis preparedness.

Follow the seminar - the webstreaming and agenda are provided on the event website.


Data publicării
8 decembrie 2021
Direcția Generală Cercetare și Inovare