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Proceedings of the round table on the future of work

On 5 February 2018, a Round Table was organised by the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE). It brought together a wide range of stakeholders from different sectors of society, including academic experts, international organisations, industry, trade unions and NGOs.

10 LUGLIO 2018
Proceedings of the Round Table on the Future of Work
(1.07 MB - PDF)

Questions around the concept of work were discussed, with a focus on ethical, moral and governance aspects. The event unfolded in four panels with talks from key stakeholders, followed by an open discussion.

The first panel raised fundamental questions of why we work, how work gives us meaning as individuals and members of society, to what extent work can create both community and disparity, and which 'social contract' we envisage for the generations to come. The second panel explored the opportunities and dangers associated with new employment forms, such as gig and platform work. The third panel addressed the consequences of automation and digitalisation on the world of work. The concluding panel was dedicated to questions about governance and ethics.

When preparing its Opinions, the EGE engages in a broad consultation process, involving a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors of society. Organising round tables with an aim to discuss and later address the issues raised by the society in the upcoming Opinion is a common practice for the EGE.

Valuable input of the panellists was collected in these proceedings and will further feed into the EGE’s Opinion 30 on the Future of Work.

Panel 1

  • Why We Work - Barry Schwartz, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College; Visiting Professor, Haas School of Business, Berkeley
  • Presentation - Sangheon Lee, Special Adviser to the Deputy Director-General for Policy on Economic and Social Issues of the International Labour Organization

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4


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10 luglio 2018
Direzione generale della Ricerca e dell’innovazione