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Novice25 maj 2020Generalni direktorat za raziskave in inovacije

High demand for EIC Green Deal call


Over 2,000 sustainable innovation companies set to support the European economic recovery plan have applied for financial support of €7.8bn from the one-off EIC Accelerator Green Deal call. The majority of companies applied with ideas contributing to Green Deal goals of increasing the EU’s climate mitigation and/or adaption ambition, transitioning of industry to a clean and/or circular economy and realising a zero pollution ambition and a toxic-free environment. Approx. 41% of proposals requested blended finance (grant and equity), 73.8% of the overall financial request. Applications were received from 38 different countries, with IT, DE, ES, IL and FR hosting the highest number of applicants and a good participation of H2020 widening countries (10.6%).

At least 19% of the start-ups/SME CEOs are female. Following the recent EIC work programme update, if, following the first-round remote evaluation, a minimum of 25% of companies selected for the final-stage interviews are not led by women, additional interviews will be scheduled. Interviews are expected to take place in the first and/or second week in July.

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