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News article10 September 2021Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

Handover of the children’s report Ocean’s Odyssey

What better way of looking at the future of ocean, seas and waters than through the eyes of young people? Students of the Bogaerts International School in Brussels have written the ‘Ocean’s Odyssey’, a story about the threats faced by our ocean and waters. What would happened if Mother Nature brought humanity to trial for the crimes against her? The book tells the story of this imagined trial and provides the reader with plenty of information on how human activities endanger marine and aquatic ecosystems.

The ‘Ocean’s Odyssey’ draws from the Mission Board report ‘Mission Starfish 2030: restore our ocean and waters’ and is the result of a pilot action to closely involve students in the making and achievement of Mission Ocean & Waters.

The students, helped by their teachers and guided by European Commission staff and a facilitator through innovative participatory leadership processes, have designed their story combining images, creative writing and science communication. This inspirational book presents in a novel and artistic way the challenges faced by our ocean and waters and the possible solutions that the EU Mission Ocean, seas and waters could implement to address those challenges.

‘Ocean’s Odyssey’ was handed over to Bernhard Friess (Mission Manager) and John Bell (the Deputy Mission Manager) by the students and their teachers on 10 September 2021, to serve as an inspiration created ‘by youth for youth’ to mobilise young people to restore and preserve the health of our ocean and waters for future generations.

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10 September 2021
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation