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News article11 March 2021Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

H2Pro raises USD 22 million to scale breakthrough hydrogen production system

The EU has announced that it will support (through a special fund called BEV-E,  created to support clean tech innovations/entrepreneurs) an Israeli start-up company called H2Pro.

This company invented a new innovative technology to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen in a special way that does not emit CO₂! Hydrogen is the ideal energy carrier for a decarbonized world. When hydrogen is burned, no CO₂ is emitted.

However, the vast majority of hydrogen production today is via fossil-fuel intensive processes, which release vast amounts of CO₂.

“Hydrogen is an important part of any plan to reach climate neutrality. It’s already used extensively and is set to play an even larger role in the future as it can replace fossil fuels in many applications, but unlike fossil fuels, it produces no CO2,” said H2Pro CEO Talmon Marco. “Unfortunately, hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels today, contributing vast amounts of CO2 emissions. We’ve known how to split water with electricity for over 200 years via electrolysis. Drawing on that expertise, we’ve created a technology with 95% efficiency and lower CAPEX that can significantly accelerate the mainstream adoption of green hydrogen.”

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11 March 2021
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation