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Novinski članak26 siječanj 2021Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije

A gathering of 16 citizen science projects

On 21 January 2021, the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission gathered 16 Citizen Science projects funded under the Horizon 2020 ‘Science with and for Society’ Programme to facilitate interaction and exploit synergies between the projects and to collect policy feedback.

The event featured project pitch sessions, sharing of good practice, discussions on impact assessment, highlights of collaboration and learning opportunities, and policy feedback including on cascade funding to reach local communities, on involving vulnerable groups, and on actions that policy makers and research funders could take to boost citizen science.

Deputy Director General of DG R&I Signe Ratso opened the policy feedback part commenting that "This event is very timely as the European Commission just launched the European Research Area Communication in which closer links between science and society are fostered”,

The following projects participated: EU Citizen Science; CS Track; D-NOSES; MICS; ACTION; Co ACT - Citizen Social Science; Cities Health; Crowd 4 SDG; CSI COP; ENVIRO CITIZEN; REINFORCE; WECOUNT; InSPIRES


Datum objave
26 siječanj 2021
Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije