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News article10 October 2023Directorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

Futures of Science for Policy in Europe: Scenarios and Policy Implications

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), published a new report titled “Futures of Science for Policy in Europe: Scenarios and Policy Implications”.

The report explores the dynamic interplay between science and policy, offering valuable perspectives on the forthcoming challenges and opportunities  for governments, scientists, and intermediaries throughout Europe.

The report outlines five scenarios for the future of science for policy ecosystems in 2030, each emphasizing different aspects of the relationship between government, research and innovation ecosystem. These scenarios explore societal challenge-driven research, participatory science, data-driven policy advice, open science, and policy-based evidence-making.

The report underscores several key themes that are relevant for the evolution of science-policy ecosystems in Europe:

  • Diverse Knowledge Sources: Emphasizing the integration of knowledge from various disciplines, public administrations, the public and connections across sectors to influence both science and policy-making.
  • Governance and Stakeholders: Advocating for a comprehensive governance overhaul to include NGOs, grassroots movements, and citizens in policy advice and encourage meaningful co-creation and future-oriented deliberation.
  • Resilience and Ethics: Stressing the preservation of knowledge mechanisms and a secure space for diverse, mainstream and less popular but well-founded opinions in scientific advice.
  • Deliberation and Alignment: Recognizing the need for better deliberation and policy coordination of research and innovation policy with other public policies to address complex challenges.
  • Value-Based Approach: Encouraging open engagement with value-based decisions within science for policy through robust debates on the role of values in providing scientific evidence.

For a comprehensive understanding of the insights, please explore the full report. To access the complete report and stay updated on developments in the field of science for policy, visit Futures of science for policy in Europe.


Publication date
10 October 2023 (Last updated on: 10 October 2023)
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation