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Presseartikel1. Februar 2021Generaldirektion Forschung und Innovation

European Green Deal Call raises high number of proposals under Horizon 2020

On 27 January, the Commission received 1550 proposals for the €1 billion Green Deal call, demonstrating an impressive response from the research community in Europe and beyond.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said:

The great interest in this last Horizon 2020 call shows the eagerness of research teams in the EU and beyond to find solutions that will tackle the climate crisis, restore and preserve our ecosystems and protect our societies, driving them through sustainable recovery. I look forward to their breakthrough discoveries and innovations.

Eligible proposals will now be evaluated by panels of independent experts; the first selected projects will start in autumn 2021.

Projects will deliver clear and tangible solutions in eight areas corresponding to the Green Deal priorities, and in two horizontal areas: “strengthening knowledge” and “empowering citizens”.

In each Green Deal call area, the following number of proposals were received: 

  1. Increasing climate ambition : 101
  2. Clean, affordable and secure energy : 256
  3. Industry for a clean and circular economy : 108
  4. Energy and resource efficient buildings: 115
  5. Sustainable and smart mobility: 44
  6. Farm to fork: 260
  7. Biodiversity and ecosystems: 72
  8. Zero-pollution, toxic-free environments: 115
  9. Strengthening knowledge : 106
  10. Empowering citizens : 373


The European Green Deal is the European Commission's roadmap to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050, with a sustainable economy that leaves no one behind.

To reach this 2050 goal, action will be required by all sectors of our economy, including:

  • investing in environmentally-friendly technologies
  • supporting industry to innovate
  • rolling out cleaner, cheaper and healthier forms of private and public transport
  • decarbonising the energy sector
  • ensuring buildings are more energy efficient
  • working with international partners to improve global environmental standards

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1. Februar 2021
Generaldirektion Forschung und Innovation