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The European Commission concludes formal negotiations on Horizon Europe association with Tunisia

The European Commission (EC), represented by the Horizon Europe Chief Negotiator Signe Ratso and deputy Chief Negotiator Anne Haglund-Morrissey, concluded on 1 October 2021 the formal negotiations for Horizon Europe association with Tunisia. The process to formalise the agreement has been launched.

Association to the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is the closest form of cooperation in science and technology with non-EU countries. It has proven and will continue to be instrumental for smooth R&I cooperation and funding of joint research and innovation projects with partners from Tunisia, enabling mutual access to excellence, innovation and research resources.

Scientific relations between Tunisia and the European Union have intensified considerably in recent years. Since the 1995 EU-Tunisia Association Agreement and particularly since the 2003 Scientific and Technological Agreement and the association of Tunisia to Horizon 2020 in 2016, Tunisia and the EU have continued to strengthen the means of cooperation in higher education and scientific research.

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6. oktober 2021
Generalni direktorat za raziskave in inovacije