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Novinski članak8 srpanj 2021Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije

The European Commission concludes first negotiation rounds on Horizon Europe association with Moldova and Tunisia

The European Commission (EC) represented by the Horizon Europe Chief Negotiator and Deputy Director General Signe Ratso as well as deputy Chief Negotiator Anne Haglund-Morrissey concluded the first negotiation rounds for Horizon Europe association with Moldova and Tunisia.

All the negotiation partners highlighted their interest in rapidly associating to the programme and expressed their general alignment with EC’s strategic priorities. In these meetings, the EC negotiation team explained the Financial Contribution Model of the draft Association Agreement and the main elements of the Sound Financial Management.

The second round of negotiations will take place in the second half of July 2021. The aim is to conclude the negotiations in autumn and sign the association agreements by the end of 2021.


Datum objave
8 srpanj 2021
Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije