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Artykuł prasowy12 październik 2022BrukselaDyrekcja Generalna ds. Badań Naukowych i Innowacji

EU-US Joint Consultative Group on S&T Cooperation Meeting

The EU-US Joint Consultative Group on S&T Cooperation took place on 12 October 2022 in Brussels. It was co-chaired by Signe Ratso, Acting Director General, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, of the European Commission and Monica Medina, Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs at the US Department of State.

The EU and the US acknowledged their already deep cooperation in research and innovation, through Horizon Europe and through a series of multi-lateral initiatives.

The meeting aimed at fostering R&I cooperation in the current geopolitical context in a number of areas to jointly tackle global challenges such as the climate crisis, as proposed in the Communication on a Global Approach to R&I. It provided an opportunity to promote the New European Innovation Agenda, and highlight Europe’s attractiveness as a strategic partner for the fourth wave of innovation in deep tech, with a view to the circulation of talents across the Atlantic. It included discussions on framework conditions for international S&T cooperation to further deepen openness in R&I international cooperation on the ongoing multilateral dialogue on principles and values to ensure that research and innovation are conducted in the respect of fundamental values and principles. An exchange took place on the response to the crisis in Ukraine which includes a number of initiatives on the two sides of the Atlantic such as the Horizon Europe Association agreement with Ukraine, the dedicated Fellowship scheme under Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, and the EIC initiative for Ukrainian deep tech startups.

Specific discussion were held on key focus areas for strategic cooperation which will be conducive to better tackle the green transition and the health crisis: Climate-Health nexus; Cancer, Ocean research, Climate neutrality in aviation, Climate models, Earth observation, Transport research, Circular economy and Science and society.

The EU and the US reaffirmed they are key strategic partners in R&I and recalled the joint commitments outlined in last year’s Summit:  to (i) end the COVID-19 pandemic, prepare for future global health challenges, and drive forward a sustainable global recovery; (ii) protect our planet and foster green growth; (iii) strengthen trade, investment and technological cooperation; and (iv) build a more democratic, peaceful and secure world.

The importance of brain circulation was also addressed in the general context of global needs for talents in R&I with the aim to foster researchers mobility and cooperation on researchers training and career development.

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12 październik 2022
Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Badań Naukowych i Innowacji