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Novice22. junij 2021Generalni direktorat za raziskave in inovacije

The EC kicked off a study that will provide a full characterisation of the “European Research Data Landscape”

The virtual kick off meeting of the study “European Research Data Landscape” took place on 22 June 2021. It will be carried out by Visionary Analytics (VA), the European Future Innovation System Centre (EFIS), Digital Curation Centre (DCC), Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS).

In 12 months, through two main extensive surveys involving researchers and repositories, accompanied by thorough desk research, the study will provide a detailed characterisation of the research data ecosystem in the European context, covering the EU Member States, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and the UK.

In detail, the study will:

  • collect data on data production and consumption by scientific disciplines and relevant sub-disciplines;
  • collect and analyse information on data deposition practices, depending on the data typology and volume;
  • collect data on the level of maturity with respect to FAIR data implementation by scientific discipline and relevant sub-disciplines, using this data to identify trends, commonalities and major disparities across disciplines to characterise European science system;
  • assess the responsiveness and readiness of research data repositories in terms of the implementation of FAIR principles implementation, including certifications.

Providing estimated volumes, country and discipline wise, and key information on FAIR practices and FAIR enabling repositories, the study will support the EC and the Open Science stakeholders, notably the EOSC Association, to develop more targeted policies and actions to make FAIR and open data practices more mainstreamed.

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22. junij 2021
Generalni direktorat za raziskave in inovacije