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Nieuwsartikel24 maart 2022Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie

CONACYT announces its commitment to finance Mexican institutions and researchers participating in Horizon Europe calls

The National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) announced at a launch event on 23 March 2022 a new co-funding scheme “Puerta Horizonte Europa”, which will provide financial support for Mexican partners in successful Horizon Europe projects. The scheme aims to encourage the participation of Mexican entities in Horizon Europe calls and to strengthen bilateral relations between the EU and Mexico in science, technology and innovation. Puerta Horizonte Europa follows up the CONACYT-Horizon 2020, co-funding scheme established in 2014.

The launch event hosted by Conacyt  Director General, Professor María Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces was attended on the Mexican side by Rogelio Granguillhome, Ambassador of Mexico to the European Union, and Mrs Delfina Gómez Álvarez, Minister of Education. On the EU side, Maria Cristina Russo, Director for Global Approach & International Cooperation at DG Research and Innovation, and EU Ambassador to Mexico Gautier Mignot participated in the event.

Director Maria Cristina Russo emphasized the importance of this mechanism for stimulating cooperation between the EU and Mexican scientific communities. The new scheme, in line with the EU Global Approach to Research and Innovation, reconfirms the bilateral commitment to the global openness needed to drive excellence, pool resources for faster scientific progress and develop vibrant innovation ecosystems.

EU Ambassador to Mexico Gautier Mignot recalled the recent launch of the Team Europe Initiative aimed at facilitating the green transition in Mexico in areas such as circular economy, electric mobility, energy transition or sustainable cities and hoped for an active participation of Mexican scientists in those areas covered by Horizon Europe.

The mechanism is expected to be published by Mexico on 25 April 2022, with two modalities for participation:

In Modality 1, Mexican institutions, both public and private, can apply with own funds in the wide range of Horizon Europe calls.

In Modality 2, the call will identify topics from the Horizon Europe WP in the areas of health, energy and human security. There is an initial allocation of one million euros for the period 2022-2024 targeting 8 projects with a maximum allocation of 125,000 euro per project. The resources will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, projects participating through modality 2 must guarantee that they have their own resources when applying to a Horizon Europe call.

Further information on the “Puerta Horizonte Europa Call” can be found on the official website of Conacyt (


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24 maart 2022
Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie