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News article17 July 2023Directorate-General for Research and Innovation2 min read

Commission proposals for new candidate European Partnerships are now public

Preparations of new European Partnerships that will be launched during the second half of Horizon Europe have reached an important milestone this week, when the European Commission presented 10 proposals for new candidate partnerships to Member States and Associated Countries:

  • Brain Health;
  • Forests and Forestry for a Sustainable Future;
  • Innovative Materials for EU (I’M for EU);​
  • In-Orbit Demonstration and Validation;​
  • Raw Materials for the Green and Digital Transition​;
  • Resilient Cultural Heritage;
  • Social Transformations and Resilience;
  • Solar Photovoltaics;
  • Textiles of the Future;
  • Virtual Worlds.

This proposed portfolio will be discussed with Member States and Associated Countries in the coming months and may thus be subject to further changes.

The concept papers for the new candidates have been prepared by Commission services in line with the new impact-driven policy approach set out in Horizon Europe. This includes partnerships’ contributions to delivering on European Commission priorities regarding the twin green and digital transitions, and to the Union’s reinforced open strategic autonomy.

Member States and Associated countries have been engaged in the process early on, notably through the Partnership Knowledge Hub, which provides a dedicated forum for coordination and cooperation with Member States, Associated Countries, and related stakeholders involved in European Partnerships.

Another important input to the identification of new candidate partnerships was published last week by the expert group supporting strategic coordinating process for partnerships, who has prepared evidence-based advice for the development of the overall portfolio. Their report on “Assessing European Partnerships against European policy priorities” develops a methodology to better assess the relevance of European Partnerships as instruments to address the Union’s political priorities.

The preparatory work is now reaching a co-creation phase with Member States and Associated Countries, where a structural consultation from July until September will give them the opportunity to provide detailed feedback on the proposed candidates, as well as suggestions for additional candidates.

The final portfolio of additional European Partnerships will be agreed upon together with Member States and Associated Countries, and formalised with the adoption of the Strategic Plan 2025-2027.


Horizon Europe has brought about a major reform and rationalisation of the European Partnership landscape, reducing the number of partnerships from over 120 under Horizon 2020 to 49 under the first Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe focusing on three types of partnerships: co-programmed, co-funded, and institutionalised. Moreover, Horizon Europe introduced a more coherent, transparent, and strategic approach to partnerships based on a clear set of lifecycle criteria. 

By pooling and mobilising resources towards common objectives, partnerships are at the heart of achieving and supporting the European Green Deal, the digital transition, and our resilience objectives.

Any new co-funded or co-programmed European Partnership candidates must be included in the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027. This identification process is guided by the selection criteria in Annex III of the Horizon Europe Regulation. Institutionalised European Partnerships are not part of this exercise.

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Publication date
17 July 2023
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation