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News article8 February 2021Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

Commission launches new ERA Forum for Transition

On 4 February, the Commission launched the new ERA Forum for Transition. The Expert Group on the ERA Forum for Transition is an informal expert group of the Commission to provide advice and expertise to Directorate-General Research and Innovation in relation to the preparation of the ERA governance Framework in partnership with EU countries. In 2021, The Expert Group will help design a new ERA governance and kick-start the work for an ERA Policy Agenda.

The objectives of the group in 2021 will be to:

  • provide recommendations on a new ERA governance framework, including the mandate and objectives of its different components and the interactions between them
  • cooperate on the development of the first ERA policy agenda and advance its work in line with the roadmap set out in the communication “a New ERA for Research and Innovation”.
  • provide input for a new yearly ERA Scoreboard to monitor ERA progress.

The “ERA Forum for Transition” is composed of Member Stats representatives as well as one representative from each EEA/EFTA Country. European R&I stakeholders will be invited to participate in the discussions of the Expert Group on the basis of their expertise.

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Publication date
8 February 2021
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation