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News article15 May 2020

Citizen engagement sessions in Iasi, Romania


On 5 May the Horizon Europe mission on climate-neutral and smart cities organised together with the City of Iasi an online stakeholder session (in English) to discuss how the mission will support cities in their systemic transformation to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

Participants included representatives from the Iasi Municipality, businesses, NGOs, academia, youth representatives and climate-neutral and smart cities board member Maria Vassilakou. A poll with 13 questions was conducted, covering questions about stakeholders’ ideas for how to achieve a climate-neutral Iasi, their concerns and needs, their priorities and their proposals for strategies.


On 8 May the mission on climate-neutral and smart cities organised the online citizen engagement session Through the eyes of youngsters; a green Iasi in 2030 (in Romanian) with high school pupils and students.

The results of the discussions and polls showed that quality of air, health, behavioural change and ecological education of the population are amongst the primary concerns of the citizens in Iasi. They also highlighted the need for more green spaces, a reliable public transport and public campaigns to raise awareness on climate and environmental issues.

75% of the citizens in Iasi identified transport as the first priority for achieving climate-neutrality by 2030. Followed very closely by behavioural change and adoption of clean energy sources (63% each).

Another remarkable outcome of the poll was the fact that 63% of the youngsters believe that Iasi could achieve climate-neutrality by 2030 and all of them are convinced that climate-neutrality in their city will be a reality by 2050, which probably calls for a need to redefine the art of the possible.

The feedback from both sessions will contribute to the draft report that the climate-neutral and smart cities mission board is currently working on. 


Publication date
15 May 2020