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Presseartikel26. August 2020BrüsselGeneraldirektion Forschung und Innovation

Call for future Clean Aviation partnership

The Call for Expressions of Ideas/Potential Members (CEI) aims to open up the preparation of the potential future partnership. It calls all interested technology stakeholders who can provide transformative ideas/concepts, to contribute to the EU Green Deal goals, to express their intention to co-invest in the programme and its major demonstrator platforms in order to increase the proposed Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking impact.

In line with the European Green Deal and the SRIA high level objectives, the European Commission is looking forward to receiving innovative ideas in terms of technical approaches, linked with both operational and financial commitments, to help identify a limited number of areas where promising concrete outcomes and market uptake/deployment of products may be foreseen.

The European Commission is particularly interested in receiving ideas that exploit synergies with actors from sectors outside of traditional aviation, such as experts in full- and/or hybrid-electric power plants, hydrogen propulsion, etc.

Applicants have until 30 November 2020 to submit their proposals. To fill in the application form please download and save it, click on Fill & Sign and fill it in and then save it.

Contact: Dr Sebastiano Fumero, Adviser Future Air Transport. Directorate-General Research and Innovation, Directorate Clean Planet Sebastiano [dot] Fumeroatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (Sebastiano[dot]Fumero[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

20. NOVEMBER 2020
Call for expressions of ideas/ potential members
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22. OKTOBER 2020
Aplication form
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15. SEPTEMBER 2020
Clean Aviation - strategic research and innovation agenda
20. NOVEMBER 2020
Call for expressions - FAQ
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26. August 2020
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