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Research and innovation
Nyhetsartikel28 juni 2022Generaldirektoratet för forskning och innovation

Apply now to the call for proposals on Circular Biobased Industries

The first CBE JU call for proposals is now open for submission until the 22 September 2022, 17:00 Brussels time.

The EUR 120 million budget are dedicated to 12 topics for RIAs, IAs and CSAs supporting 3 objectives defined in the CBE JU’s SIRA:

  1. Accelerate the innovation process and development of bio-based innovative solutions
  2. Accelerate market deployment of existing mature and innovative bio-based solutions
  3. Ensure a high level of environmental performance of bio-based industrial systems

Μore information

Circular Biobased Industries JU website.


28 juni 2022
Generaldirektoratet för forskning och innovation