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Novinski članak18 ožujak 2021Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije

3rd All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum: Conference report

The 3rd All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, co-hosted by South Africa together with the European Commission, took place online on the 3 and 4 December 2020 to showcase the progress of initiatives launched to implement the Belém and Galway Statements.

The Forum, with over 500 participants and more than 60 speakers from all over the Atlantic, from pole to pole, focused on strategic ways and actions by which the All-Atlantic research activities can contribute to the socio-economic recovery of Atlantic countries following the COVID-19 pandemic and their expected impact on the Atlantic communities.

Discover the key outcomes and conclusions in the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum Report.


Datum objave
18 ožujak 2021
Glavna uprava za istraživanje i inovacije