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Research and innovation
Artículo3 de junio de 2022Dirección General de Investigación e Innovación

1st Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting on Research and Innovation

The Ministerial conference will review and acknowledge progress made in research and innovation cooperation in the region since the Valletta Declaration on ‘Strengthening Euro Mediterranean Cooperation through Research and Innovation’ in 2017.

Looking forward, the Ministerial conference will have the objective of acknowledging the three Research and Innovation (R&I) Roadmaps on climate change, renewable energies and health, as the basis for future cooperation and committing to mobilising resources for their implementation, while recognising the need to level the playing field and collaborate on the basis of fundamental R&I values and principles. With the new Ministerial declaration that is expected to be adopted at the event, we will have the opportunity to pave the way for further R&I cooperation in the region in terms of fostering linkages on research, innovation and skills as well as supporting capacity building, coordination and joint actions, including on sustainable development and employability.

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EU-Mediterranean cooperation in Research and Innovation
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3 de junio de 2022
Dirección General de Investigación e Innovación