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Research and innovation

Signed Innovation Deals

Details of the 2 Innovation Deals that have been signed on e-vehicle batteries and treated water reuse. 

From e-mobility to recycling: the virtuous loop of the electric vehicle

This Innovation Deal will analyse whether existing EU law hampers the recycling or reuse of propulsion batteries for electric vehicles. It will also look at any issues in the transposition of these laws to national and regional level. 

In particular investigating

  • the existence of possible legislative and regulatory barriers at EU and national level to the use of propulsion batteries in a second-life application
  • possible ways of overcoming these barriers, evaluating their feasibility and if necessary proposing options to implement them

This Innovation Deal began on 12 March 2018.

2 regulatory frameworks will be examined.

Waste regulatory framework

This will involve clarifying within waste management

  • how waste is defined
  • how batteries are classified
  • differences between 'preparation for reuse' and 'reuse'
  • extended producer responsibility 
  • the hierarchy of waste management options keeping in mind the life-cycle of waste

This Innovation Deal will also examine the internal market and how it works with regard to the second-life of products, warranties, liabilities and safety of reuse.

Energy regulatory framework

This Innovation Deal will only provide recommendations on possible national, regional, or local prevailing regulatory barriers to the second use of propulsion batteries for energy storage.

The national, regional and local regulatory frameworks relevant for, but not limited to, electricity market design, fees applied to storage systems, self-consumption or smart metering will be assessed.

It will not provide recommendations on any EU legislative provisions that are currently under revision.

Innovators and authority stakeholders

  • Renault Nissan Alliance (the automotive industry, France)
  • Lomboxnet (IT and renewable energy, the Netherlands)
  • Bouygues (energy services for sustainable cities, France)
  • French Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Industry
  • Dutch Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Dutch Province of Utrecht


4 JULY 2022
Joint Declaration of Intent for the Innovation Deal From E-mobility to recycling: the virtuous loop of electric vehicle
(580.6 KB - PDF)

Sustainable wastewater treatment combining anaerobic membrane technology and water reuse

The Innovation Deal is about the shift from the conventional treatment of urban waste water to using it as a water resource.

AnMBR accelerates treated water reuse for irrigation by facilitating the extraction of energy and nutrients.

The intense reuse of treated waste water will contribute to overcoming the challenge of water scarcity.

Innovators and authority stakeholders

  • Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (Spain)
  • Águas de Portugal, Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (Malta)
  • Water Services Corporation (Malta)
  • Consellería de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente, Cambio Climático y Desarrollo Rural (Spain)
  • Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales (Spain)
  • Universitat de València (Spain), Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Institut Européen des Membranes (France), Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l´Environnement of INRA (France)
  • H2020 SMART Plant project consortium
  • ECOFILAE (France)
  • Canal de Riego del Río Turia (Spain)


4 JULY 2022
Joint Declaration of Intent for the Innovation Deal on sustainable waste water treatment combining anaerobic membrane technology and water reuse
(401.72 KB - PDF)