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Informacje szczegółowe

978-92-79-57740-6, KI-04-16-310-EN-N
Data publikacji
18 kwiecień 2016
Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Badań Naukowych i Innowacji
Powiązany departament
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


The foundations of the modern world have been built over the past century with steel and this adaptable metal will continue to dominate in the future. A growing global population will need steel more than ever before for construction, transport and energy.

Despite the potential for increased steel usage, the steel industry in Europe is at risk. Overproduction and increased fiscal burden from climate change legislation are exerting pressure on the European steel sector as never before. European steelmakers must take action to maintain competitiveness, and innovation in highly technological steel products and processes is key.

The RFCS, and other European research instruments like Horizon 2020, support the European steel sector to develop innovative, technologically advanced steels produced in the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable manner possible


18 KWIECIEŃ 2016
Smart steel