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978-92-79-85271-8, KI-01-18-408-EN-N
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23 April 2018
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
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Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


The European Commission appointed the high-level strategy group on industrial technologies to assess, discuss, and recommend support for research and innovation in the area of key enabling technologies, also in view of future research and innovation programmes.

Two new key enabling technologies are proposed: artificial intelligence, and security and connectivity. The group also advises that, while biotechnology should be broadened to 'life sciences', the EU has to continue to prioritise advanced manufacturing technologies, advanced materials and nanotechnologies, micro-/nano-electronics and photonics. With the right level of ambition and investment, key enabling technologies will contribute to support growth and democracy through stronger citizens’ engagement, and prosperity through more equality and better jobs.

The group recommends the EU and Member States to focus their policies on 'inclusive growth' and the sustainable protection of our planet. The main goal is Europe to be the best place to live, study, work and flourish.


23 APRIL 2018
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