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Research and innovation

R&D investment targets and reforms

Informação detalhada

KI-BD-21-001-EN-N, 978-92-76-37098-7
Data de publicação
11 maio 2021
Direção-Geral da Investigação e da Inovação
Departamento conexo
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


In its Communication “A new ERA for Research and Innovation”, the Commission proposed four, either new or renewed, R&D investment targets in order to prioritise investments and reforms in research and innovation towards the green and digital transitions, support Europe's recovery and increase its competitiveness. This policy brief provides: (i) an initial analysis on the EU and Member States’ performance in relation to the targets; (ii) initial background to nurture the debate on how Member States (and Associated Countries) could join up their R&I investments and possibly develop ambitious joint funding actions in strategic areas of common interest (i.e. give more “directionality” to R&I investments).

By Heiko Prange-Gstoehl, Marta Truco, Julien Ravet, Ruzica Rakic.


11 MAIO 2021
R&D investment targets and reforms
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