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The EU–Brazil sector dialogue on nature-based solutions


978-92-79-97245-4, KI-04-18-972-EN-N
Datum publicatie
22 oktober 2019
Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie
Betrokken departement
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


The European Commission and the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication started a dialogue on nature-based solutions (NBS) in 2015. In this report, European and Brazilian experts analyse the occurrence and potential of NBS in Brazil, highlight good practices in the EU for possible adaptation to the Brazilian context, and contribute to the elaboration of a NBS strategy in Brazil.

This body of knowledge results in a strong case for nature as a solution to social, environmental and economic challenges. Twenty-five case studies from both sides of the Atlantic illustrate how working with nature can have a positive impact on people’s lives. The chosen examples address many challenges: from water management, to ecosystem restoration, urban heat island effect, floods, landslides or coastal erosion. In particular, the Brazilian case studies span all regions of Brazil and the country’s most threatened biomes (the Atlantic Rainforest, the Cerrado, and the Amazon). They display how Brazil’s mega-biodiversity could be the solution to a series of issues and provide inspiration to us all.

The report concludes that nature-based solutions are not only smart investment choices but also a means to enhance quality of life and an opportunity to shift to a new economy and a new lifestyle - more connected to nature.


22 OKTOBER 2019
The EU–Brazil sector dialogue on nature-based solutions
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