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Diversity, democracy and solidarity in EU societies

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978-92-95080-11-9, JW-04-20-463-EN-N
Data de publicação
10 setembro 2020
Agência de Execução Europeia da Investigação
Departamento conexo
European Research Executive Agency


Can ethnographic case studies and quantitative research help to understand the ways stigmatised or conflictual youngsters engage with social, environmental and political issues, and how they create opportunities for social change? How will the concept of “democratic efficacy” help to counter populism? How do populists use social media? How could we use history to encourage debate amongst teenagers about religious tolerance?

The Horizon 2020 research projects presented in this brochure address these and many other questions, all sharing a common goal: helping understand how to create a more cohesive, inclusive and democratic Europe.


Diversity, democracy and solidarity in EU societies
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