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Research and innovation

Pilot applications

Developing and upscaling pilot applications for Earth observation in Europe is one of the main activities of EuroGEO. You can find details of selected applications on this page.

What are pilot applications?

The concrete work of EuroGEO will involve developing and upscaling pilot applications in Europe. These will answer specific user-needs in relation to environmental and Earth observation. 

These applications cover many policy areas, such as agriculture, renewable energy or protected areas.

Features of future EuroGEO pilot applications

  • upscale and/or combine and strengthen existing applications by adding other data  sources
  • showcase promising applications and bring them from the research stage to the operational and/or commercial stage
  • use of existing applications in a larger geographical domain
  • use of existing applications for other domains
  • provide access to Copernicus data, products and services
  • contribute to global Earth observation efforts
  • encourage contributions from and engagement with the business sector
  • use additional GEOSS resources or relevant activities from the GEO work programme

EuroGEO Action Groups

The EuroGEO Coordination Group has clustered the Expressions of Intent received under the 2018 call (see further) to form 9 EuroGEO Action Groups, which were launched on 12 September 2018 during the 2018 EuroGEOSS workshop.

These 9 Action Groups (working title) are:

Applications for Agriculture/Food - 9 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: Rasmadan GmbH, Institute for Geodesy and Carthography (Poland), VITO, HPC International, National Observatory of Athens (NOA), Politecnico di Milano and University of Würzburg

Applications for general Land use/land coverage - 8 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: IIASA, CREAF, Deimos Engenharia SA, Federal Agency for Carthography and Geodesy Germany, Terranis SAS and Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Urban applications (including urban air quality and urban health) - 4 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: JRC, FORTH, Romanian Space Agency and NOA

Applications for Disaster Resilience - 7 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Calabria, NOA, SatCen, ECMWF and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Applications for Biodiversity & Ecosystems - 6 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: University of Twente, Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy Germany, Deltares, French National Museum of Natural History, University of Wageningen and German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research

Marine applications - 3 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: Collecte Localisation Satellites, IPMA and Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Applications for Climate - 3 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: ECMWF, NOA and Finnish Meteorological Institute

Applications for Atmosphere - 3 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: CNR, ECMWF and Paul Scherrer Institute

Applications for Energy - 5 Expressions of Intent

Organisations involved: ECMWF, ARMINES and NOA

2018 Request for Expressions of Intent (closed)

In 2018, public or private organisations involved in developing innovative applications based on Earth Observation and located in European GEO member countries were invited to submit Expressions of Intents for networking along the value chain.

The objective of EuroGEOSS Request 2018 for Expressions of Intent is to accelerate user uptake of GEOSS and Copernicus data and to foster synergies between ongoing or upcoming EO developments with high market potential. Almost 50 Expressions of Intent were received.

Because of the large number of Expressions of Intent submitted for the 2018 Request, it was decided that there will not be a Request in 2019. Information about the next Request for Expressions of Intent will be published on this webpage.


16 APRIL 2018
Brief introduction to the request for Expressions of Intent
(632.11 KB - PDF)

16 APRIL 2018
FAQ on request for Expressions of Intent
(671.55 KB - PDF)

16 APRIL 2018
Request 2018 for Expressions of Intent
(612.16 KB - PDF)