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Research and innovation

Horizon 2020

Details of the EU funding programme which ended in 2020 and links to further information.

What was Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 was the EU's research and innovation funding programme from 2014-2020 with a budget of nearly €80 billion.

The programme has been succeeded by Horizon Europe.

All news, events, programme details, project lists and more are available on the archived Horizon 2020 website.

Horizon 2020 website (no longer updated)

Programme analysis

Evaluation and monitoring of Horizon 2020


Horizon 2020 projects and results

Articles on particularly successful Horizon 2020 projects


The Horizon dashboard contains the data on Horizon 2020 proposals, projects, participants with filter options by theme, geography, organisation profile and more.

Horizon dashboard

Post-programme documents

Documents that have been published after the programme's completion will be listed here.

All other publications are available on the Publications Office of the EU or the archived Horizon 2020 website.