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Transnational Access to the RIs of VITALISE Project - Info Days

On 4&11 April VITALISE will host 2 workshops to inform external researchers about Transnational Access to the project's Living Lab research infrastructures

One of the main objectives of VITALISE Project is to foster research studies in real-life environments with the involvement of multiple stakeholders, while also addressing important needs of researchers for (i) convenient access to research infrastructures, (ii) direct engagement of people to co-design solutions and (iii) experience from multidisciplinary domains to deal with the complexity of their research.


To achieve this, the project will grant free Transnational Access to external researchers to the seventeen (17) participating Living Lab research infrastructures of the project. The provision of Transnational Access will be implemented through three (3) Open Calls that will be conducted in (i) March 2022, (ii) December 2022 and (iii) May 2023.

The external researchers applying for Transnational Access are encouraged to join one of the project’s Joint Research Activities (JRAs) and perform research in three (3) different Health and Wellbeing domains: (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments.

External researchers that are interested to get free Transnational Access to the infrastructures of the project are welcome to join VITALISE on Monday, 4 April & Monday, 11 April 2022 from 14:00-16:00 CET to discover more about the Application Process and the kind of studies that they can conduct in each infrastructure.

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