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TIEMS 2020 Annual Conference

Disaster resilience: The case for EU-ASEAN cooperation

In an effort to increase international cooperation in the field of Disaster resilience, TIEMS association is gathering a pool of excellent researchers dealing with this issue.

RTD-H1 presented at TIEMS 2020 Annual Conference the initiatives supported by the EC and Thailand having a regional span. International cooperation under the future Horizon Europe programme related to Civil Security will be crucial at a time of renewed impacts of climate change or health pandemics. Thus the presentation of RTD H1 was very welcomed at the Conference and initiated researchers' interest in international cooperation in this research field.

The case of Thailand and their efforts in preventing and disaster resilience was presented by Dr Manop Sittidech from the Office of Science and Technology at the Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels. Projects initiated with participants from Thailand and outcomes of the last SU-DRS calls of Horizon2020 were presented.

Keynote speech: Strengthening international cooperation with EU

Presentation: Mobility Horizon Europe Thailand 

  • international cooperation
  • 2020. november 30., hétfő, 09:00 - 2020. december 4., péntek, 18:00 (CET)
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2020. november 30., hétfő, 09:00 - 2020. december 4., péntek, 18:00 (CET)
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