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Personalising Health Industry

A Regional R&D Ecosystem for Personalising Health Industry – Spotlight on the Free State of Saxony

It is well recognised that a thriving R&D ecosystem is a facilitator and an important resource for innovation in almost any scientific field.

The concept of R&D innovation ecosystem implies that academic R&D-related innovation potential feeds into industry and vice versa.

Relations are manifold, with proximity and closer social contacts between actors and supporting structures ´such as tech transfer and cluster organisations serving as catalysers.

These ecosystems may enhance industry development by providing essential R&D infrastructures for personalised medicine and health, as much as by generating qualified human resources.

A well-functioning regional R&D ecosystem may offer high-tech services on one hand, and on the other guidance by generating role models for entrepreneurship and the translation of scientific breakthroughs into tangible innovative products.

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