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Making Sense of Science for Policy under Conditions of Complexity and Uncertainty

Workshop at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

A workshop organised by SAPEA on their latest report linked to the latest scientific opinion of the European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors organised with the Royal Irish Academy.

The consultation of good quality and evidence based science advice is more than ever crucial for policymakers in their decisions today. However very often the policy issues for which scientific input is most relevant are the ones where the science itself is often complex and uncertain.

This challenge is being tackled by SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies). SAPEA is part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) and together with the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors provides independent scientific advice to European Commissioners to support their decision-making.

  • innovation | research policy
  • Tuesday 11 February 2020, 09:00 (CET)
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Live streaming available
  • External event

Practical information

Tuesday 11 February 2020, 09:00 (CET)
Academy House
Academy House, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin, Ireland