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Fostering Cyber Resilience for SMEs – PUZZLE Innovation Workshop

The Cyber Resilience Act introduces a set of fundamental cybersecurity requirements for placing products with digital elements in the European Market. This regulation will cover the vast majority of connected devices (from your smart speaker to industrial firewalls) and will have a significant impact on both their manufacturers and users.

This panel will bring together different perspectives to discuss the impact of the Cyber Resilience Act on the European cybersecurity market, and in particular on SMEs.

After this introduction, the perspective of representatives from SMEs towards the Cyber Resilience Act will be presented, and experts will explain the key topics, challenges and opportunities for SMEs. Representatives from SMEs will offer a hands-on experience with cybersecurity, discussing their perspective on the possible effects of the Cyber Resilience Act on their business.

Through a series of Innovation Workshops to be held with the partners in Validation Contracts, the PUZZLE project will also deliver cybersecurity awareness training and share best practices for SMEs so that along technical improvements in cybersecurity, companies will also be able to implement better cybersecurity culture within their organisation.

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  • Brussels, Belgium

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Av. de Cortenbergh 168, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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