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European conference H2020RTR - results from road transport research in H2020 projects

5th edition of the European Conference H2020RTR

The 5th edition of the European Conference H2020RTR will take place on 29-30 March 2022 in Brussels. This yearly conference is co-organised by the European Commission, together with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association for the 2Zero partnership (EGVIAfor2Zero) and the Connected, Cooperation and Automated Mobility Association (CCAM).

During the conference 65 H2020 projects will present their new discoveries and achievements, how they tackled hurdles and resolved challenges, and what are the next research steps in different essential areas for road transport: Green Vehicles, Urban Mobility, Logistics, Intelligent Transport Systems, Safety, Automated Road Transport … delivering a holistic view of how the European research scene is moving forward in these fields, bringing benefits to the environment, economy, and European society overall.

Projects of high relevance for the “Towards zero emission road transport” (2Zero) partnership, funded under its predecessor EGVI, and “Connected, Cooperation and Automated Mobility” (CCAM) partnership will be presented.

Like the previous edition, this conference aims to gather selected H2020 funded projects on road transport areas to give the attendees an overall picture of the achievements of EU funded R&I and identify the next steps needed to reach the overall EU transport policy objectives. With a strong focus on the scientific achievements of EU-funded projects, this conference will be a unique opportunity to disseminate the knowledge generated through these funded projects.

Draft agenda

*The conference will strictly follow and apply the rules defined by the Belgian Government (Covid Safe passport, wearing a mask, social distanciation, …).

  • innovation | research policy | road transport | transport research
  • torek, 29. marec 2022, 10.00 - sreda, 30. marec 2022, 16.30 (CEST)
  • Brussels, Belgium

Praktične informacije

torek, 29. marec 2022, 10.00 - sreda, 30. marec 2022, 16.30 (CEST)
Brussels, Belgium