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EGE convenes Open Round Table on the Future of Work

EGE Open Round Table meeting

Why do we work and how does work give us meaning? How can European values of justice, dignity and solidarity be realised in a changing world? To what extent might longstanding governance frameworks, such as social security systems and employment laws, require updating?

Held on 5 February 2018, the Open Round Table brought together a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors of society, including academic experts, international organisations, industry, trade unions and NGOs, discussing the thorny questions at the heart of this issue, ranging from the consequences of automation and digitalisation on the labour market, including the future role of artificial intelligence, through to the rise of the gig economy and industry 4.0. As a critical moment of public deliberation, the Round Table will inform the development of the upcoming EGE Opinion on the Future of Work.

The Round Table was webstreamed and remote participation was also possible. Comments and questions were received during the event and in advance of it, by electronic means as well as by postal mail.

Video recording

4. SRPNJA 2022.
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10. SRPNJA 2018.
Proceedings of the Round Table on the Future of Work
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  • ponedjeljak 5. veljače 2018., 09.00 (CET)
  • Brussels, Belgium
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ponedjeljak 5. veljače 2018., 09.00 (CET)
1000 Brussels, Belgium