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ECAC Webinar | Towards 80% awareness of the European Code Against Cancer in 2025

A webinar part of a series focusing on different aspects and messages of the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC).

ECL is organising a public webinar on the topic of measuring the awareness of the European Code against Cancer (ECAC) consistent with the ambitions of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. The webinar features expert speakers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the French National Cancer Institute (INCa).

ECL aims to convene cancer leagues, scientists, policymakers and staff from health NGOs to discuss and reflect on:

  1. the practicalities of measuring the ECAC awareness as referenced in Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and its Implementation Roadmap;
  2. potential tools and methods that may be available to perform the task in practice.

To inform this discussion, we will have :

  • an overview about measuring success in cancer prevention and basic epidemiological measures (provided by IARC)
  • a presentation on recent studies to estimate awareness specific to the ECAC (provided by ECL)
  • an example of the national cancer barometer study in France (provided by INCa)
  • an overview of plans to update the ECAC to a 5th edition (by IARC).

Presentations shall be followed by a discussion with speakers and the audience.

Following the webinar, we aim to provide the European Commission with some suggestions, and informal guidance to inform the process of measuring awareness of cancer risk factors and risk reduction measures.

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