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#EUBioeconomy Creative Competition

Bioeconomy in my life

The European Commission launched a creative competition ‘Show us the bioeconomy in your life!’ for youth aged 14-35 years in the summer of 2022.

The purpose was to encourage young citizens to show how the bioeconomy is or could be part of their daily life, to raise awareness about the bioeconomy, engage youth and expand horizons on different forms of bioeconomy across Europe. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest!

The 24 selected artworks, displayed in this online bioeconomy art gallery, fulfilled the eligibility criteria of the contest, and were selected on the basis of artistic creativity and originality.

They demonstrate the variety of the bioeconomy, its opportunities and its meaning. They show the importance of bioeconomy in the daily life of young people and what bioeconomy can be at its best!

They also showcase the bioeconomy from different parts of Europe, by artists of different ages, using different art forms and with a unique vision.

The authors of the 6 best artworks won an Interrail Pass

Congratulations to all

Enjoy the online bioeconomy art gallery!